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True Stories to Fascinate and Amuse You

Love is a powerful force in our lives... love creates a bond that makes telepathic communications easy and interdimensional travel natural. The bonds of love can keep ghostly manifestations in their old haunts - and free them to move on finally to the spiritual planes. Through our Real Love Stories, we explore how love is at the root of so many paranormal experiences - and what happens when two people have bonded through the power of love.

we met on the highway

by Suzanne Lamarche

This story is truly a story of fate or help from a higher power. 

I had been a single mom for a couple of years by myself since her father decided not to be a part of our everyday lives.  He moved to a different city but comes around every other weekend just to make my life difficult.  I was also suffering from severe anxiety from dealing with him and his controlling nature.  After a few failed relationships, I had swarn off men completely.  I decided that it was just going to be myself and my daughter and that I would be better off alone. 

I had moved away from home a couple of years earlier and went there frequently on weekends to spend time with them.  One afternoon, I was going back home after a weekend with my parents and drove past a black neon with a nice looking man inside, we both smiled at each other.  I also had a neon and thought this might be fun to play with him so not to make my trip back as boring as it usually was.  We played car tag for most of the way down and he ended up taking a cut-off outside of the city I was living in.  The cut-off I took was a few km. past the one he took. 

His story then begins with him getting home and bringing a load from his car up to his apartment where he lived at the time.  He decided to come down for a second load, this of which he never used to do.  He usually left it until the next time he had to go somewhere.  As he was unloading his car, he saw my car drive by.  He was completely surprised to see it and watched me make my way to my building which shared the same parking garage as his.  After much debate, he decided to leave me a note on my car, taking his chances that if I were to have a boyfriend, he would take his losses.

The next morning, I found the note.  It really freaked me out because I did not see him after he took that cut off from the highway.  He left his apt. no. and a name.  Now remember, I had sworn off men but something was nagging at me that this was way too much of a coincidence to leave it alone.  I just had to find out more so I left a note on his car asking if he would like to meet me for a drink somewhere to discuss how he found me and left my number.  

He did phone that night and we did get together for a drink.  It turns out that he was also coming from my home town that day we met on the highway, which also happened to be his home town and where his parents lives.  We also found out just how parallel our lives really are.  We both come from fairly large families, mine with 4 children and his with 5.  We both have an adopted sibling in our family as well as both our older sisters are in the midst of getting their masters in university and both of our brothers are chefs.  

This is very strange how much we have in common.  We both think alike so much that we have the same behaviour to where we complete each others thoughts and think the same things at the same times.  I have now grown quite comfortable with it and just find it funny when we do it.  Since he comes from a large family, he is also very good with children and my daughter has grown to love him quite a bit.  Our parents have had no problems getting to know and like each other since they also have quite the same personalities.

A year to the day that we met, I received another note on my windshield and then asking to go out for dinner.  He proposed that night and we are getting married in the Caribbean this coming spring.  I get such a kick out of it when people ask how we met, I just tell them that we met on the highway. :)

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